Artistic, Natural & Humorous Designs

May Spring Bring You Joy

Many of our Boxed Note Cards present the seasons in colorful designs.  See the variety of Hundelrut Studio greeting cards, pleasant note paper and stationery to send & brighten up someone’s day.  Take a tour of our Hundelrut Studio products.

Greeting Card and Art Studio

Hundelrut Studio in Plymouth, New Hampshire, offers fine greeting cards, original art, hand-crafted items, stationery, fantasy art, folk art, seasonal cards, wildlife scenes, t-shirts, canvas bags, unconventional holiday cards, New England/regional subjects, and some sophisticated material.  Donald Hundgen’s style is informed by detailed pen and ink illustration with a bold playful use of color.

Featured Products

Hundelrut Studio Greeting Cards are printed on recycled paper stock.

Wholesale or retail catalog available upon request. Please email us at info@hundelrutstudio.com