Sapere Aude (Blank)
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Packaged in clear boxes or bags (upon request) with 10 cards and envelopes.

Sapere Aude means: "Dare to be wise!" The idea came from Victor Hugo's The Hunchback of Notre Dame, a romantic novel about a developmentally disabled bell-ringer named Quasimodo who falls in love with a beautiful gypsy, with whom everyone else also falls in love, including Quasimodo's adopted father, the priest Claude Frollo. Now you can imagine the complications! Anyway, Claude, being a dabbler in Alchemy (which is all about wise sayings in Latin), scrawled on his tower wall: Sapere Aude: "Dare to be wise!" Good advice for all of us, in any language.

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GM35 Sapere Aude (Blank)
at $2.75 Each
at $12.00 Per Box

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